Giving Hope.

Quality Support.

Lionsville seeks to collaborate with other charitable organisations to deliver benevolent relief to people who are in need.

benevolent relief

Lionsville has a broad desire to provide benevolent relief to people in poverty or distress including sickness, disability, destitution, suffering, misfortune or helplessness.

Support & Collobrate

We are stronger and more able to help those in need, through support and collaboration with other organisations.

registered charity

Lionsville remains a registered charity with ACNC.

Lionsville Board

Members of Lions remain Directors of the Board.

Lionsville History

Lionsville has a rich history of providing affordable accommodation and allied services to the elderly within our community for in excess of 60 years.

The organization has had an exciting transformation in recent times and is now in a position to support and collaborate with other groups to achieve their goals.

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